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  • Outdoor life, the good life

    We love the outdoors! We especially love being out on the trails with our beautiful huskies surrounded by the glorious Rocky Mountains. We couldn't ask for a better life then being able to share this love with you. We believe in providing an authentic dog sledding experience, with small group sizes, where you get to see and experience what mushing is really like.

  • Dedicated to excellence

    Being family-owned and operated we are involved with our buisness on every level. From the office, to the kennel, to the trails, we are dedicated to providing the best experience possible for our clients, guides, and most importantly, our dogs. Come see what true love looks like.

  • Small groups. Big fun!

    We offer small group sizes and a more intimate hands-on approach to our tours. This, along with our love for our dogs, combine to give our clients an experience they will never forget.We encourage as much interaction with our dogs as you are comfortable with. Learn how to harness, set up the teams and drive them down the trail or sit back and just enjoy the ride and views. Either way, we have the tour for you.

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Tours and Clinics

Year round excitment and utter joy! Our activities range from private and intimate to small groups and corporate events.

There are so many ways to get out and connect with our dogs. From dog sledding adventures, ski-joring clinics and tours, kennel tours, multi-day adventures and much more. Come experience winter from a dogs-eye-view!

Whether you are interested in either experiencing dogsledding from the warm confines of the sled while taking in the views or prefer to ride the back of the sled where you can experience dogsledding like a real musher, we have a tour for you.

Combining dog sledding with skiing, recreational ski-jöring is becoming more and more popular and is ideally suited to the long Alberta winters.

Get away from the crowds and join us for an intimate and personal visit of our kennel site and interpretive trails! Meet all our huskies and take some time to play and have some fun with them!

Our Dogs
Our true love

MadDogsEnglishmen Icon05 Dogs are not only our whole life, they also make our life whole

The truth is, we wouldn't be here providing tours for you if it wasn't for our dogs. They are the true stars of our show and deserve the very best we can give them. Taking good care of them is a round the clock endeavor and one we do not take lightly. We are not in this business to make money, we are in it to give the very best care back to the ones that make our lives so meaningul.

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  • Dog health & safety

    Dog health & safety is important!

    We believe that good dog care must be proactive not just reactive. This means that setting up a system that requires regular and thorough checking and care of each dog is important. We work closely with our vet to ensure the health and safety of each and every dog in our kennel and when out on the trail. This takes alot of love, time, money and dedication but we wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Sled weight & sled loading

    Sled weight & sled loading

    Our dogs are not only strong in body but also in mind. It has been said that a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. This means that in many cases, they will try and do whatever you ask them, even it it is not safe for them. We must take responsibility for them and only ask them to do what it is safe and reasonable. With this in mind, we have set weight limits on our sleds and ask that all people booking and heading out on a tour with us adhere to these limits. They are there for a reason.

  • Puppies!


    Each year we blessed with new additions to our family. Most of our puppies we keep to train and intigrate into our family and teams. Occationally we will put some up for adoption. We have rigid requirements for families that want to adapt our huskies as we want to ensure that both the dog and family are happy. Please contact us if you think you might be able to give one of our puppies a good home. We would be happy to talk with you about what is required to ensure a good fit.

  • Safe haven for retirees!

    Safe Haven for Retirees

    Our dogs are our family. We don't stop loving them just because they don't work for us anymore. Our retiree's have worked hard throughout their carear and deserve to be well cared for in their later years. Some of these retiree's are good candidates for adoption into good homes. Some are not as they would be lost without the rest of the pack. In either case, we are committed to ensuring that they remain happy and healthy at any cost.

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